Monoclonal Antibodies

Stem Cell Growth Enhancement
A new enhancement is ready for stem cell culture. The enhancement is lyophilized from
pooled normal human umbilical cord serum including multiple growth factors. It gives
human stem cell a natural growth environment. It protects human genome from other
animal inherited impact. It benefits human stem cell a healthy development.

Paraffin Embedded Tissue Block
The paraffin embedded tissue block is made by a standard procedure. The tissue is
fixed immediately with buffered paraformaldehyde after excision, and then embedded in
paraffin. Tissue size is larger than 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 cm. It is an ideal product for making
tissue section and tissue array. It can be cut as any regular paraffin block on a standard
microtome. And the tissue section can be used for Immunohistochemistry and In situ

Human Tumor Tissue (Single Tumor or Tumor Pair)
Features:    Largest collection.
Tumor and normal around tumor tissues are available.
Common tumor and rare tumor types are available.

Human Normal Tissue
Features:    Common and rare tissue (such as  Brain, Heart) types are available.

Human Fetal/Newborn Tissue
Feature:      Common and rare tissue types are available.

Customer Designed Paraffin Embedded Tissue Block
Please tell us what is your interesting paraffin embedded tissue block, and we make it for you.
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