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Product:         Paraffin Embedded Tissue Block

Species:        Human

Tissue Type:        Breast tumor

Catalog Number:     PHTP0005                                Part Number:  349T/349NC


The paraffin embedded tissue block is made by a standard procedure. The tissue is fixed immediately with buffered
paraformaldehyde after excision, and then embedded in paraffin. For most of the tissue type, tissue size is not less than 0.5 x 0.5 x
0.5 cm for each of the block. It is an ideal product for making tissue section and tissue array. It can be cut as any regular paraffin
block on a standard microtome, and the yield is about 100 tissue sections from each block. The tissue section can be used for both
Immunohistochemistry and In situ hybridization. To get maximum number of tissue section, cut tissue section as more as possible for
each sectioning process.

Tissue Source Information:

Quality Control:

To ensure tissue block quality, one tissue section from each paraffin embedded tissue block is stained by Hematoxylin & Eosin (H &
E staining), and reviewed by a licensed pathologist.

Shipping Condition:        Room temperature

Storage Condition:        Room temperature in a dry place, and avoiding high temperature

1. A pair of paraffin embedded tissue blocks
2. Technical Data Sheet

For Research Use Only                                                                                                                        Reviewed by: _____________
Tissue Type
Pathological Diagnosis
Breast tumor / normal tissue around tumor
78 years / female
Adenocarcinoma, mucous